PRAYER: Lord we don’t always have the words to say. Allow our tears to speak to you as prayers. Give us strength where we feel weak.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 56:8

Losing someone we love can be devastating. We walk through the motions of holding our heads up and sticking out chest out. Warm hugs we embrace. Comforting condolences we take as we try our very best to pull it all together. The tears stream down our face as we are left with the memories that at the moment are not enough. We question God and we ask Him why. Why did it end this way? Why did they have to leave me? We are upset that they left us behind without even saying goodbye. Who is going to protect me now? Who is going to make me smile? Who is going to be there for me?

As we try to be strong for everyone around us. We try to fight back the tears but they flood us as we proclaim that it’s just a little dust in our eyes. What do you do when the words are not enough to comfort you at that very hour? What do you do when the pain runs so deep that it pierces the very core of your soul? What do you do when the weight is so heavy on your chest? All you want is for somebody, anybody, better yet you just want them to come back and untie that knot that squeezes the very breath from out you.

During this time there are so many emotions that you are feeling at once. Some good and some not so good. While we never understand the purpose and plan of God it is very important that we identify these emotions. We shouldn’t suppress them and we shouldn’t try to hold it all together, avoiding our very own sorrows. 

During this time when you have this kind of hole in your heart it is very important that you do the most important thing ever. Pray! What? “I don’t want to pray. God does not want to hear from me right now,” are the echoes of one’s heart and soul. Prayer is not just words that you say that flow from our lips. Prayers are tears too. It’s time that you cry (pray) allowing God to collect your tears and place them into your very own bottle. God is a collector of our tears. He collects them as He listens to the cry of your very soul. Believe it or not, He’s there and He is listening.

Sometimes we don’t desire to cry (pray) in front of everyone it is then we go behind a closed door and let it out. Let those tears stream down your face and let God collect every last one of them. This is where you will find your strength to pull it all together, although being and feeling weak is very normal. It’s an uncontrollable vulnerability that is natural and that we all feel or will feel. It is through your tears that your strength will surface in comforting not only others but yourself. Naturally your brain must release that which brings forth cloudiness and the only way to do so is to cry (pray).

Allow God to be your strength during a time of weakness. God created our tears to cleanse our souls. You must cleanse and wash your soul knowing that God has everything under control. Although these words may not be enough during this time, may the peace of God flood you as you cry into the bottle God has for you. Your tears are prayers that only God can hear. It’s alright to cry, it is then that you are praying to God who loves you enough to collect them and listen to every word you have to say. May His love and peace embrace you during this time.

This is dedicated to every person who has lost a loved one to the hands of violence and police brutality. May the family of Freddie Gray be comforted as my Pastor gives the eulogy today. May God strengthen my Pastors (Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Church) heart during this hour.  

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