PRAYER: Lord thank you for always keeping a “hair count” of us as your children. Continue to show us the beauty of your creation. Allow us to see our own beauty within us.


Do you know how valuable you are to God? Do you know that you are worth so much more than what you think? God loves you so much that even the very hairs on your head are numbered. You are more precious than the sparrows that you see within the skies. God looks at you as a very valuable person. You are not just here by accident. You were not a mistake. You were born with a purpose and a plan that was written before the beginning of time. You were apart of Gods thought process.

I’m so fascinated about how the earth has the ability to hold gravity. Without gravity we would all be floating into outer space. Nothing would adhere to the earth. I’m fascinated with how the stars are positioned in the sky and how massive the earth really is. I’m fascinated about the climate and the weather change in different regions. I’m even fascinated about how the earth rotates and time zones must be created in order to better understand the positioning of the sun. I’m fascinated with the human anatomy and physiology of the body. I find it so incredible and interesting at how cells are within our bodies and how they work underneath a microscope. Science simply fascinates me as well as mathematics. I was never a mathematician but the things that we can do with numbers to get accurate measurements blows my mind away.

My point is that if God can take the time to create all of these little things, can do it from a far and at a distance by just speaking the words “Let there be,” then how much more will He enjoy communing with us as humans with our own minds and actual intellects. We don’t have the ability and the power to do what we desire, when we desire. We do have rules and regulations in place to assist us in making wiser decisions and choices but for the most part we are our own person. We are individuals who are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We are not just put here on this earth for any unknown reason. Their is a true purpose and plan behind it in which we don’t always understand.

Another thing that I’m fascinated about is the after life and where our souls travel after we are done on this earth. If God can go through creating all of this magnificent beauty, if he can do all of this and more, then why would He not have a very special place for each of us? I just cannot put my head around a God with such brilliance and who is so intricate in details not having something even more special outside of this life for me or even for you. With the amount of pain and sorrows that we each face and encounter, even then it is nice to know that their is a God beyond that big blue sky that cares so much for us that even the hairs on our heads are numbered.

I have learned that God is a God of details. He made sure that His words etched everything so beautifully, from the spectrum of color and the visibility of light all the way down to the flowers in the field having fine and distinct details graced with such beauty. What a mighty God that we serve. We may not understand it all but one thing is for sure my heart is so overwhelmed when I think about the beauty of the songs in which the birds sing every morning in which I arise. There are no words that can describe how loved we are by God. There doesn’t even seem to be a possible way to fathom all of the wonders of His creation. You too are one of those precious wonders. Tell yourself and remind yourself this. Remind yourself that every day is not just an ordinary day. No, its a day to celebrate the beauty of your life and all of the wonderful things that are within it. Be encouraged today, knowing that God loves you. He loves you to the point that He has a “hair count”….of His children.

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