PRAYER: Lord heal the earth so that we may have a safer and more peaceful environment. Heal our earth and restore that which is damaged.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Chronicles 7:14

Do you ever sit and wonder does God hear your prayers? Out of all of the people in this world does God really hear us when we pray? God is a omnipotent spirit that has all power in His hands. He asks His people to humble their hearts, turn from their wicked ways, and seek His face and then He will hear them and then He will heal their earth (It’s Earth Day so let’s change the word “land” to the word “earth”). Is your heart humble? Have you repented from your sins for today or from earlier this week? These two points are very critical points if we desire for God to come and heal our earth.

With today being Earth Day, we pause and ask ourselves what is the earth? The earth for us in this case could be our household, our jobs, our schools, or our community. If we simply humble our hearts and repent then God will step in and dispatch His angels concerning you and they will guard you in all of your ways (Psalm 91:11). He will allow all of this to take place simply from you humbling your heart and repenting. So to answer the question does God hear our prayers? Yes He does. Not only does He hear them but He moves on our behalf if we humble our hearts and repent.

So be encouraged knowing that your prayers are not being overlooked by God. Your approach towards Him maybe a reason why your prayers have not yet been answered. Don’t give up! Instead, change your approach in going before Him and the throne of grace. God moves best when there are humble and repentant hearts before Him. So on this earth day, make sure that you do both so that God can step in and heal your earth. While you are praying for your earth to be healed, pray for our people to humble their hearts, repent of their sins, while God heals our nation. Happy Earth Day!

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