PRAYER: Lord may the realities of our nation bring forth humility, sensitivity, action, and implementation. May it draw unity, harmony, and justice while bringing us closer to You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 55:22

Tell me how do you comfort a family who just have lost their son or daughter to police brutality? As this corruption is sweeping our nation, truth be told, it already existed. It’s just now being brought to light through the visual lenses of the black community. There is no accountability for how people are treated anymore. There is no accountability for how people conduct themselves anymore. Protests turn into military zones with tear gas and tanks. Stores are looted and vandalized without any one person to blame. The Christian community screams out we are living in the last days.

Our children are too busy buying the latest iPhone and Laptop with their parents own money instead of going outside to play. Yet if left unsupervised from playing at their neighborhood park, Child Protective Services are notified immediately. Children are held in custody for hours by police with no phone call to Mom or Dad after asking and nothing to eat or drink for hours on a school night.
Our nation so often desire to blame the Church for not stepping up to the plate and fixing our communities. Yet not a soul is faithful to attending at least one service even if it’s via streaming to put their tithes into the collection plate or simply click the give/donate icon on their screen.

We watch another family lose their loved one after being beaten and handcuffed, no wait excuse me, handcuffed first and then beaten. They are treated like mere dogs in which we can’t even imagine treating our own house pets with such cruelty, because they’re family. Which in my own readings and findings, an unknown author poses the question, is slavery really over? Wow, such a powerful question to ask and or even grasp when you think about it. Since when does a dog become more valuable than human life?

The Civil Rights Movement leaves “our ancestors” turning over in their graves. That’s right “our ancestors”. There were all races who marched on the frontline alongside Civil Rights leaders who protested for the rights of the black community to vote. Yet we still remain without an appointed Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) in office who is more than capable and more than educated in handling the task at hand. May the brothers within the black community march onward and fight for what “our ancenstors” worked hard for. You make us proud. This isn’t just a black community ordeal. This is an America ordeal.

We are left with another family who has a hole in their hearts and who must mustar up strength to not only endure their lost but to try (notice how I said try) to receive and fight (notice how I said fight) for some type of justice to the hands of someone they trusted would protect them and theirs. How do we get past our bleeding hearts and move onward? We bury someone who was young and capable of fulfilling so many wonderful dreams and more than capable of having a great future.

Yet no one says a word and those who say a word and march for justice are just wasting their time, are the words that echo into the universe. What if it was your child, your sibling, your parent, your cousin, or loved one, or friend? Would it matter then? Why does it have to get to the point of hitting your home? Why can’t you stand and make a difference now before such tragedy occurs and you too are left with a hole in your heart?

Never say never my friends. These same families are left to bury their loved ones and forced to move on with no justice and a mere excuse of, “the police officer was just doing their job”. Although this maybe so, how does a broken leg and severed spine become apart of ones job? Where does the line cross? It’s so unfortunate but it hasn’t crossed thus far. Indeed the officers were doing their jobs, but if doing their job means losing lives then something seriously has to change. These were real people who breathe and bleed no different then you and I.

So when does the undercover murder end? Why can’t several cops be called in to chase one man down who runs unarmed, instead of being shot down with one if not several bullets? There are ways around all of this mayhem. Instead putting a bullet through ones body and them dying seems to be more suitable. Absolutely, Not!

The system must change and be changed. I so often wonder the thoughts and heart of God as He calls home another one of His children. Now don’t blame God for not interfering on that which man is more than capable of figuring out and handling on his own. You don’t need God to make decisions that He clearly has given us the authority and the ability to make. If it’s violent and hurting people then we must change the system.

We must put the right leaders in position. Yes that means you and I must vote. You and I must attend our local town hall meetings. We must attend our local churches and participate. “We the people” make up the church. It’s not ran off of a wing and a prayer. Volunteers step up to the plate. Yes volunteers. Don’t be too good that you can’t give back to your community or give an hour or two of your time.

My point is we are all held accountable and responsible for our actions. Your actions make such a huge impact within your own community. Get past the race and get in the race. A race to the finish line as brothers and sisters in Christ. Support the black community as they work hard to rebuild that which maybe torn. Support other religions who seek to find harmony and peace. And most importantly, support and love on one another as we each play a major role in building up our nation. Your voice matters. You matter. We all matter.

The black community advocates during this season “Black Lives Matter.” Show some love and support as we work hard to rebuild our own culture and shift our nation for the better. Stand in the gap and lend a helping hand even when you don’t understand it all. Let’s do better in our actions and better in our ways of thinking. Let’s find unity and make major progress. Sometimes it’s just in wearing a smile and speaking politely to one another. Cast all your cares upon the Lord as we move forward as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty, and JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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