PRAYER: Lord allow us to continue to move onward in our ideas, visions, and dreams. Make the journey worth the while. Don’t let any of this be in vain.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 21:5

Please don’t stop the music! Whatever you are working on or working towards, make it happen! Keep at it this week. Work hard and you will begin to gain the rewards. Be steadfast and unmovable. Don’t let anyone or anything slow you down. Use your gifts and your talents. Through it all gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

This is going to be a great week. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Keep your drive, stay motivated, and keep your focus. Rid yourself of negative thinking and reinforce positive thoughts into your life. Speak those things that are not into existence. Be of positive influence and don’t deter from that in which you desire to achieve.

Get connected with others who have the same ideas, visions, and dreams. Know and find your partners who won’t weight you down and drain you. Find people who can keep up and who won’t slow you up. Don’t be the smartest person in your circle. Shift and meet people who are smarter than you. You can accomplish anything you set your heart and mind to. Move into that direction. Push through the obstacles and climb over the hurdles. The movement is on!

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