PRAYER: Lord give us the patience to wait for our harvest during the right season. Fulfill your promise in giving us the desires of our hearts. Cultivate our fields as you prepare us to receive.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Hebrews 6:15

As I sit here craving homemade sweet potato pie this morning, I realized one thing, that it is out of season. This is not the right time for me to crave sweet potato pie. The season for it is over, yet my body craves the delicious taste of homemade sweet potato pie. Spring is here and if I try to go to the grocery store I may find what I need to make a sweet potato pie on the shelf but not like I would be able to if it was the right season.

Sometimes this is how it works when it comes down to receiving your blessings. It seems to be a harvest of blessings that shower you a little more throughout the year then during other months of the year. It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have blessings stored up for you. It just means that right now is not your harvest time. It doesn’t mean that if you send up a prayer to heavens gates that God didn’t get the memo. It simply means He is working on some other things for you before he places what you desire on your shelf.

I encourage you to have patience. Patience is a tough thing to have when we are a people who are full of convenience. We want our blessings NOW, we want our miracle NOW, we want our breakthrough NOW, we want what we want when we want it NOW. Wait! What do you mean by wait? Wait is not in the 21st Century vocabulary of the heart and it sure isn’t defined in the dictionary of our minds either. Sometimes when God has something that is so special for you He must give you it during the right season. It won’t taste as good, you won’t appreciate it as much, you won’t be able to enjoy what God has given you if you don’t receive it during the right season.

So ask yourself a question. The very thing that you really want and desire, the blessing with your name wrapped all around it, the harvest that is coming your way, is it worth the wait? Do you have the level of patience that is necessary to allow the harvest to come to you in abundance? I encourage you today to release your impatience and grab a hold of some patience. Allow God to work and cultivate your field so that the very thing that you need, your main ingredient, can be cultivated properly. The harvest you are about to receive is nothing in comparison to what you are wanting right here and right NOW. It far exceeds and outweighs what you’ve been accustomed to in your past. So have patience and wait for your harvest. It’s so much closer than you think!

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