PRAYER: Lord allow us to take it easy today. Don’t let our week overwhelm us. Allow us to take it easy as we give it to You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 11:28-30

As you start off your week be sure to start it off easily. Keep it simple. Don’t feel the need to rush or be in a hurry. You may miss something. Instead take a few minutes to review what you are up against for the week and plan step by step how you are going to approach it. Be sure to involve yourself in prayer. Engage in asking questions where needed. Focus on the things that are important first then try to tackle that which is not. Release any levels of anxiety, fear, worry, or frustration. Don’t let it knock at your door. Make sure you are doing things at your own pace. “Don’t try to keep up with the Jones when you are from the Johnson family” (JHB). Stay focused today. Take things step by step knowing that God has you covered and He will help you to get it done. Simply take it easy!

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