PRAYER: Lord we pray that you will shower down your compassion upon us. Take the plans you had for us and release a new plan that maneuvers through our mess but works out for our good.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Peter 3:9

Have you ever done something in your past and found yourself thinking about all that God has brought you through? I don’t know about you but it brings me to tears every time. Watching how God has moved you from point A to point B. How sometimes it was an easy transition and how at other times it was not. I wanted to encourage you today in knowing that God takes your wrongs and He has the ability and the power to make them right. Now it may not go according to your plans but it will work out for your good.

God loves you. Sometimes we may feel like He doesn’t because we have been through so much. There is more to what you are going through then discomfort. At times God could be molding and shaping your character, building you up and preparing you to handle a task or job you know nothing about right now, strengthening your relationship with Him by making you more dependent and not independent from Him. There could be a number of reasons. Remember that God doesn’t make mistakes, we do! Through His love, grace, and mercies He sees us in our mess and He has compassion on us. When we pray to Him for help or seek His face, He begins to work on our behalf.

Now granted we are not the boss of God. We can’t tell Him to jump and He say, “How high”? That isn’t at all how it works. He doesn’t move off of pride and arrogance in ones heart. He moves through brokenness and humility of the heart. You must be genuine and sincere and He will then choose to map out a plan to help you clean up your mess and lead a better and more successful life. He already has a plan for us but when we sin or fall short of his glory the plan doesn’t go so well. It’s not over for you or for me. What a mighty God we serve! He looks beyond our faults and makes our wrongs, right!





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