PRAYER: Lord allow us to listen to our bodies, to be obedient to our physicians orders, and to maintain healthy well-being and balance.

VERSE OF THE DAY: James 5:15

There will be times when God places you in a situation that you don’t understand. Sometimes you will feel lost, concerned, or maybe even confused. Worrying and anxiety seems to be knocking at your door. It is during that time that praying to God will assist but this is not the only thing that you should focus on. Sometimes feeling one way maybe an onset from something else. For instance, feeling irritated or agitated could be from something as simple as not getting enough sleep the night before.

I’m not telling you to be a physician and diagnose yourself, for physicians are skilled and knowledgeable experts in their particular field of study. What I am saying to you is that sometimes the feelings and symptoms you feel should be monitored by you so that you are able to give your physician the best possible information that you can give. Don’t worry about receiving news that isn’t pleasant instead concentrate on what you can do better if diagnosed with not such great news. You can’t get to point B or C without first going through point A. Once you do point A (seeing a physician), you will then be able to receive the treatment from your physician that will work and bring you to a place of healing, healthiness, and well-being.

Trusting God for healing is excellent but trusting Him to heal you with the proper diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan is even better. So I encourage you and your family to focus this week on your mental and physical health. Take care of yourself and your family by eating right and staying active as it gets warmer. Take your medicines like your physician has prescribed. If you don’t desire to be on the medication then work alongside your physician so that you are able to be released from treatment. WARNING: DO NOT try to do this on your own.  You may cause more harm than good. Discipline yourself as best as you can and follow your physicians recommendations.

While God will always be our Ultimate Healer He also uses little things that we are dealing with such as our physical health issues to see how well we will respond, how accurately we will follow instructions, and how well do we take our tests when asked? It’s not that He desires for us to be sick which usually is an onset of own doing (not washing hands, not wearing appropriate attire, not eating the right foods, bad habits etc.) but sometimes it’s to test our level of faith in Him and our level of obedience. If you can’t simply follow the instructions of your physician for the common cold, how is it that you can follow His instructions when needed? How can He be The Ultimate Physician in your life without you following instructions when asked to by your own physician?

He desires to use you for His glory. For instance, you want to own your own business if you don’t already but you may lack in taking care of your families basic mental and physical health needs (missing appointments for no apparent reason, not being attentive to your child’s norms, not listening to your own body etc.), so how will you handle your employees mental and physical health needs without the experience? Think about it. What seems so small can bring balance to what God has instore for you and your future. So be encouraged, stay healthy where you can and get back on track if you need to. Take baby steps and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Stop being in denial, accept where you are, and start taking the appropriate steps towards your health and healing. The Ultimate Physician awaits your progress!

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