PRAYER: Lord teach us how to walk in humility and how to be “GOOD” to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Give us humbled hearts, quiet tongues, and a listening ear.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 53:7

Instead of me going really deep into the bible on how we are sinners saved by His grace and how Christ loved us and died for us all, which is all true. I simply want to focus on the word “GOOD”. What does it mean to be “GOOD”? What does it mean to walk in humility? How do you humble your heart? How do we practice watching what we say to others?

Did you know that the word “GOOD” has over 50 definitions in the dictionary? We use this word for so many different things. Not knowing that alongside of “GOOD” we should add the words humbling of our hearts. Christ displayed humility as he went to the cross. How can you display the acts of being “GOOD” and walking with a humble heart? It’s the weekend and no one wants to walk in humility if we are honest with ourselves. Humility is a good spiritual discipline to display but it is also one of the hardest spiritual disciplines to walk in for many.

So how do you walk in humility? I’m glad you asked. It takes an oppressed an afflicted person to walk with a humble heart. Why oppressed or afflicted? Majority of us think civil rights or justice for all but to be honest  with you, you can be oppressed or afflicted living in your own home. Now of course this can be dysfunctional if left unnoticed but the point I’m trying to make is that humility takes the gift of listening and knowing when to speak.

Humility takes the action of being meek and kind to those around you. It begins in your heart with being “GOOD” to yourself and God, then displaying that when dealing with others. So on this “GOOD” FRIDAY, I encourage you to monitor how you act. Watch your actions over the weekend. Monitor your heart and take into account how you treat others. Are you listening to your spouse? Are you listening to your children? Are you listening to your boss? Are you listening to God? Are you as humble as the sheep that goes to the slaughter? Can you be humble?

Now this is even a challenge for me. I too must practice the spiritual discipline of humility and doing good to those around me. And I’m going to be honest with you there are just some days where I just don’t want to. I don’t want to be bothered and I want to be to myself and I want to roll my eyes but I must be reminded of how “GOOD” Christ was to me as he hung on the cross. If nothing more I owe it to Christ to put my flesh under submission and walk in humility, doing my very best to be “GOOD” to others, listen, and speak where needed. So be encouraged, because this is a true weekend challenge that should be a daily part of each of our lives. Have a “GOOD” FRIDAY and a Happy Resurrection Weekend!






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