PRAYER: Lord allow us to see the people who are on our team. Help us to complete the task or assignment at hand. Let it be worth the hard work. Let it be worth the fight.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 4:12

How many times have you heard the saying, “Team work makes the dream work”? Who is in your corner? Who has your back? As you go about your day today remember that no matter what happens in your life, remember that God has your back. Stand firm in what you are doing and fight hard for what it is that you desire. Anything worth having in life is worth fighting for. Allow yourself to see who your true friends are, who is for you, and who desires to be on your team.

You can’t fight all of your battles alone. You can’t complete the tasks all by yourself. Sometimes you are given a partner, a co-worker, or a friend who will stick it out with you and who will have your back no matter what through the storms and the rain. Don’t let your own insecurities or fears keep you from standing on the front line and being the best version of you that you can be in order to complete the task or assignment at hand.

Your partner, co-worker, your friend will accept you for who you are in order to complete the assignment that lies before each of you. Be encouraged that God will not give you an assignment without the right people in your corner and the proper skills that you need. Be mindful that through it all they have your back and so does God!






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