PRAYER: Lord give our hearts and minds our innocence back. Heal all hurt and damage that may have caused it to be snatched away. Give us childlike faith and hope again.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 4:8

Have you ever been misunderstood or have been taken totally out of context? This always happens to me! I don’t care how much I try or what I may say or do I find my words are always twisted or someone takes them completely out of context. It gets to the point where I’m so confused at how they have come up with what they are thinking and how in the world did they get that from this.

Growing up this has been the norm for me. I’m so accustomed to it that if people walk away it doesn’t bother me any longer. I say all of this because when I was younger I had to learn who I was in God. I was accepted by some and rejected by many. If you knew anything about me you would say, “How in the world is that possible” or “Who in their right mind would not want to be or hang around you”? As God took me through this process of better understanding rejection, He finally sat me down and explained to me my heart.

I use to always ask why are people so negative about every little thing in life? Why can’t people see the good in anything? Why does everything have to be so perverted and twisted? Why can’t things just be what they are? God took me to our secret place and sat me down and said the difference between you and others is your innocence. “Huh!? What do you mean?” You see growing up as a child I had a very vivid, fun, and adventurous kind of world (imagination). As I developed I had to say my good byes to that world and I had to enter into the realities of the real world. Well I didn’t like the realities of it (I didn’t want to grow up…sorry!). So I kept that child like part of me deep within. I never and will never let that part of me go.

Its the part of me that giggles. It’s the part of me that allows me to tilt my head back and laugh hysterically. It’s the part of me that allows me to see a situation totally different from how you or someone else would see it. It’s the part of me that gives me hope for tomorrow and faith for brighter days. It’s the part of me that loves warmly with open arms. It’s the part of me that makes me bouncy and bubbly when I walk on my tippy toes. It’s the part of me that goes to God when I need Him without hesitation. We all have that child deep within us. It’s so unfortunate that many of us have lost that youthful ability. That’s why people look old and wrinkled up like a prune because they lost their innocence and their youthfulness. It truly does seep through your pores when you don’t smile and laugh! You can be 35 and look like your 62. SMILE!!!!

So I encourage you to get that part of you back. Some of you have to dig layers upon layers to get that back. You’ve been hurt, wounded, and damaged. Some of you had your innocence taken away from you by the hands of someone who shouldn’t have. Don’t let them win or have victory! Get it back. You owe it to yourself to love and feel again. Don’t let their failures and faults snatch away who you truly are. Get him or her back and find your childlike spark again. This is the part of everyone that makes life less stressful, more fun, more adventures, more loving, and even more excited about the days to come. Be encouraged. Get it back!

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