PRAYER: Lord allow us the strength to change our world. Do in us a new thing so that we can make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 5:17

How often do we turn on the news and desire for our world to be better? How often do we look in our communities and desire that our neighborhoods and our streets will be just a little better? We so often keep saying to ourselves that somebody needs to fix it or that somebody needs to change it. Why can’t you be that somebody? Why can’t you be the one to fix it and change it? You are capable and you are competent enough to pick up trash on the side of the road. You can put your trash in the trash can instead of littering on the streets. You can buy a $5 can of paint and take the graffiti off the side of the walls or off the side of a building or door. You can be at your kids school when they are playing sports or in after school programs and need your support. You can be at the dinner table in a timely and effective manner. You can also go to a town hall meeting within your community. You are capable and you can make a difference and be apart of your community. If you want the church to reach out to the communities more, then you become a member and sign up for evangelism and you be the church!

You see my friends, change doesn’t come about unless you are in it and you are apart of it. It takes not just you but your family and your friends who too are apart of your community. So what, if they don’t want to participate right away. You start participating first and once they see a good thing in you then eventually they will follow. Some of you are born leaders and have to lead your own self and family out of this negative mindset in just about anything. So take the time to do so.

Furthermore, know that God is with you every step of the way. He will help you to change this world. How? I’m glad you asked. He will do so by working on your heart, your mind, and your spirit man. He will cause you to be contagious and before you know it others will be chiming in and interested in the very thing that you are doing. So I encourage you today to begin changing the world by changing your own world. If you can change your world (your household, your job, your school) then you can change the world for others. May God be with you and go before you as you change our world!

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