PRAYER: Lord allow us to shine bright despite of the darkness that we see. Spring us forward into our destiny and allow us to arrive at Your appointed timing.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 5:16

You were created to be the light of the earth for others to see. That means you must shine bright in the likeness and image of God. As we spring forward in the time we arise to find darkness hovering over us. By setting the clocks forward we have lost an hour of time. How often do you find yourself sitting in darkness in your life?  It seems like no matter how much you walk with God the sun just doesn’t desire to dawn in your life. How often in life do you feel like you have lost time? You feel like you are behind schedule and you just can’t get quite caught up or on track.

Often we must realize that when we feel like we have lost time that God is behind the scenes simply making up for it. He makes up for it by springing you forward into your destiny while you are walking through the darkness. The darkness in your life isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes the darkness is like a time traveler that blasts you into you into your future. Don’t get discouraged when you are walking through dark moments in your life. God has fashioned the darkness to be temporary just until the sun dawns.  Once the sun breaks you are able to shine on the earth like the light that you are.

I encourage you not to dwell on the time that you may feel that you have lost but to see that God can catapult you into your destiny by springing you forward. You cannot be the light that you are without first walking in the darkness. Remember that God won’t allow you to fall behind in time. He will spring you forward so that you will arrive and reach your destiny at His appointed time. Shine bright today knowing that despite the darkness that you see or that may surround you it’s only temporary. It is their to help you reach your destination faster. It can’t last always because your light must shine upon the earth for others to see and to be introduced to Him.

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