PRAYER: Lord allow us to deal with change. Help us to accept change so that we may grow in You. Allow us to adapt so that change becomes easier.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Change is hard! It is actually one of the hardest things to endure at times but it is one of those things that no matter what you do you have to learn to accept and adapt. Think about the seasons winter, spring, summer, and fall. Think about going from elementary school, to junior high, to high school, and to college. Think about changing your job or how about changing your decor in your favorite room. How about changing that wardrobe that is so last season to the latest trend, style, or fashion. All of these things require us to change, accept, and adapt. It is apart of your growth, maturity, and development process. We NEVER stop growing, maturing, and developing. I don’t care how old you are, whether 2 or 92 years of age we keep growing.

The beauty about change is that just because it changes it doesn’t mean that the cycle changes. What looks to be old seems to come back around again as the exact same form of change just a little newer and improved. We see this constantly with fashion. This time when it comes around the second time you are already familiar and you have some level of acceptance. Now adapting this go round may be a little different. Last winter you just needed your hat, gloves, and scarf and warming up your car wasn’t so bad in the mornings. This winter season you know you must shovel the snow & warm your car up the night before so that it won’t be so bad in the morning. You were already familiar with the process of warming up your car but you have gained knowledge, wisdom, and understanding on what needs to be done in order to have a great start to your day.

IMG_3685So I encourage you to not look at change as a bad thing. See the beauty in doing something that is familiar, a little differently then what you were accustomed to. Find better ways to accept the change so that it is easier on you and your own growth and development. Then adapt in ways that better help you knowing that God did not create change to hurt or harm you but to better develop you. God desires for you to grow to be more stronger, more wiser, and more better in and through Him but first you must understand the purpose and the concept of change. Furthermore, you must remember that seasons change. So don’t miss your season because it gets a little hard to accept and adapt. Instead ask God to help you to be better prepared for the change so that you may accept and adapt a little easier. Change is coming, so let’s work together at being prepared.

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