PRAYER: Lord allow us to plan time for You in advance. Allow us to find the answers that we need when we are in your presence. Keep our hearts and minds stayed on you that we maybe filled with the peace of You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 32:8

Planning ahead can be one of the most challenging things when you lead a hectic life. It seems like you have to set aside time on your busy schedule just to sit down and plan ahead so that you are not behind track. Being behind schedule or off track can be rather stressful if you are not careful. If we plan accordingly then we are able to get things done more effectively and in a timely manner. Doing chores, exercising, studying, business meetings, paying bills, after school sports, and more can all become overwhelming if not planned properly. Our daily goal should be to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Now the question comes to mind about our personal relationship with God. Our own mental health and well being also play a major role. Are you making time for God? Are you taking time out of your busy and hectic schedule to refuel your mind and your spirit man with the Word? Are you taking time to meditate or to simply reflect on the goodness of who He is? Have you stood outside on your porch just to get a glimpse of the scenery and take in a breath of fresh air? Spending time with God is more than just spirituality. It is about your mental health and bringing your mind into a better state of peace, wellness, and wholeness.

I encourage you today, to make time before you begin your hectic day, to set aside 15-30 minutes of your time to really relax and focus on God. It is during this time of reflection you will find answers to your questions, you may figure out a better schedule to help you through your day, or you may even be able to plan ahead mentally and recognize that this part of your day could be the best part of your day. So make time and plan ahead in order to put “spending time with God” on your schedule. You will find that planning ahead to will make your life less hectic and less stressful. Simply slip away into His presence and take a few minutes to relax and breathe.

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