PRAYER: Papa while we are in the mist of the fog cover us. Watch out for the people and things we cannot see. Be our eyes as we praise you for the fog!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 16:17-19






Have you ever been in this place before? Have you ever wanted the fog & blurry vision to just go away? Well good news, it can! Bad news, we don’t know when. It is at that moment you should shy away & pray. Regain clarity, regroup your thoughts, refresh your heart & mind. Look at where you are and ask yourself should I take another step? Of course you should! But you can’t see so now you must use your faith to get you through the thick fog. Has it ever occurred to you that the thick fog is God covering your eyes? He knows without a shadow of a doubt if He lets you see all of the real madness, havoc, and chaos that was going on that you would completely walk away from your destiny & your purpose. So take a moment to appreciate the fog and use your faith to take one step at a time. Heighten all of your senses and know God has you covered in the mist of the fog!

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