PRAYER: Lord keep us safe and warm during this winter season. Allow us to keep and maintain our focus. Allow us to be productive where needed. Help us to know that you created this winter wonderland just for us!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 16:3

During this winter season you will find yourself locked away. Cabin fever likes to creep in and you find it very difficult to get out and about. In the mist of all of this staying productive and keeping your mind focus would help you through the feelings of not having much to do. Ask God to help you maintain your focus and to help you plan accordingly.

I encourage you to keep focusing on your dreams. Focus on your goals and what your heart desires to do within the next six months to a year. For some of you your plans may already be mapped out and for others you may need to go back to your drawing board. Figure out what makes you happy and what makes you get things done in an effective manner. How can you relax and distress during this time?

Stay proactive and productive. Create goals and a guideline that may help you to be more successful. Once you have done all of this and worked on it just a little then take a break and go and play in the snow. God created the beautiful snow just for you. You are never too old to enjoy life just a little bit. Stay warm, drink a cup of hot cocoa, watch a great movie, and just enjoy your winter wonderland of a day!

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