PRAYER:  Lord allow us to pick the right applicants for our lives. Allow us to determine when a loyalty rewards card has expired. Lead us down the path You desire for us to take.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 3:19, James 4:7

There will be moments in your life where you are loyal to something or even to people and their loyalty rewards card has expired. Their time is up and long overdue. You can be faithful and you can serve them but there is no room for growth or for a better future. If all you see is a road that leads to pain, stress, frustration, or annoyance, chances are that is not a path that you should take. Not everyone can be followed and not everyone is a good leader, especially If their lives are on the path of dysfunction. Sometimes you will figure these things out before you cross the bridge and get there. It is during that time I encourage you to take extreme caution and beware of the traps that the enemy may try to set up for you in the long run. Be wise in using discernment. Resist the enemy and flee if you see signs like so, instead follow the path God has mapped out for you.

Being able to distinguish the difference in what friends are right for you, what job is right for you, what mate is right for you, or even what church is right for you can all be tough choices at the end of the day. I recommend that you pray about what God wants for you. Stop trying to please people or serve something that may leave you feeling drained or depressed. Pick things that bring life to your mind, body, & soul. You no longer have to be confused but you do have to think clearly in making the right choices. So be encouraged in finding what works for you. Try to maintain your focus on your own personal health and well being in the process.

It’s almost like hiring someone for a new position. Accepting new applications are great when you are on a quest to find new things but looking at the current applicants to see if they are worth keeping around or letting go is a different outlook all together. So think things through thoroughly and ask God to dismiss that in which does not deserve a place in your space. Some applicants must be denied renewal when trying to maintain their loyalty rewards card from you. Remember to seek God and know with confidence you have made the right choice for what’s best for you.







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