PRAYER: Lord remind us that we have the Helper who will be with us every step of the way. Allow Him to bring back to our remembrance the things that we may forget or over look. Help us to not be distracted but to remain focused on getting things done.

VERSE OF THE DAY: John 14:26

Have you ever woke up and you felt like you have so much to do? Have you ever felt like crawling back under your covers, pulling them over your head, and getting just a few more hours of sleep? Any kind of sleep at that moment would help you in a tremendous way, at least that is what you whisper to yourself. Some of you are overworked, underpaid, under appreciated, overwhelmed, and just need that extra push to help you through. Some of you are very well organized and have everything mapped out and planned and others of you not so much. It seems like you have so much on your plate and you just don’t know where to begin. Allow me to encourage you through out your day by letting you know that you have more strength, will power, and encouragement than you may believe. God will send you the Holy Spirit who guides and directs your steps. He will place you on the path that you need in order to get the things done that are necessary. You don’t h


ave to have it all together but you do have to believe. You must believe that he will fix that which is broken, he will help you to get caught up where needed, he will help you to stay on track and to stay on schedule. The Holy Spirit is right there to help you through it all. Simply ask for His assistance throughout your day and watch Him work it out just for you. Be encouraged knowing that the Holy Spirit will comfort you where needed as you are pressing through your day.

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