PRAYER: Lord allow us to be good stewards over our brothers and sisters. Allow us to empower, motivate, and educate one another. Allow our “HEART WORK” of stewardship to be a reflection of You as we help build one another up.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Genesis 4:9

IMG_3560So often we take what we have and what we possess for granted. There is a popular saying, “you never know what you had until it’s gone.” Why do we not take serious the very thing that we like, have, or desire? Why do we wait until it’s too late? Then when it’s gone we sit there looking devastated as if we were not the ones who mishandled that in which we possessed.

No matter if it’s finances, people, or things, if you are not a good steward over the things in which you possess you cause your blessings to be blocked from God. He desires to bless you with rewards if you are capable of handling the responsibility correctly. Yes, this includes with your brother and sisters, being your brother’s keeper. This means looking out for one another and having each other’s back. This is a unique form of stewardship called servitude but it still needs to exists.


So I encourage you today to watch and be mindful of how you handle and serve people. Are you being a good steward over the people’s lives God has entrusted you with? Are you treating them with kindness in what you say to them? Are your actions a reflection of your love towards your brother or sister in Him? You may not receive an actual source of revenue like “The Nicholas Brothers” on account of being a good steward, but God prepares a special reward tailored made just for you. The reward doesn’t come when you want it sometimes it comes when you need it or when you least expect it. So be good stewards over your finances, people, and things. God has a reward just for you!


 (Meharry Medical College Kappa Alpha Psi)

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One thought on “MY BROTHER’S KEEPER

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