PRAYER: Lord allow us to face our challenges with grace knowing that you are here with us. Help us to not be intimidated by the obstacles and the hurdles. Let us focus on the possible instead of the impossible.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 19:26

IMG_3187Being faced with a new task or assignment can be rather challenging. There are several different things that you have to take into account that you probably would have never taken into account before. You maybe faced with a lot of opposition. You maybe faced trying to put together a plan or a layout around others who simply cannot see the vision that you have in your heart. Being creative seems to be out and not in. You try hard to keep at it but there are times when you just don’t see it happening. You don’t see what you are up against being mastered or being accomplished in the timely manner in which you thought would be.


I encourage you to not get overwhelmed or discouraged by the challenges that you have to face. Know that you are more than capable of handling the assignment at hand. Although there maybe some obstacle and hurdles that you have to go through you are more than able to take care of it. Sometimes what we are facing seems almost impossible but we must remember that God will make that which seems impossible, possible.


We have to do our part in having faith and believing. What does that mean? It means we can’t look at what we see in the natural. We have to trust what we see in our imaginations. We have to keep making moves towards that in which we imagine.  So today don’t focus on the impossible, instead focus on the possible. How do you go about doing that? You do so by doing what is possible. What is possible is that you can write out your vision and make it plain so that you can see it and understand it. What is possible is that you can write out steps and goals to get to what you see in your imagination. What is possible is that you can take those goals and implement them one step at a time until you reach that destination within your imagination. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE if you believe. So I encourage you to know that you are able to get things done that are in front of you. You don’t have to look at your circumstance and say that this is impossible. Instead, look past your circumstances, ask God to help you and speak that, “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”

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