IMG_3176PRAYER: Lord help us to realize that you have called us to be ambassadors of Christ. Allow us to be confident in the positions that you have placed us in. Make our ears attentive to your voice and your commands.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 5:20

How often are you called to do something and you don’t feel like you are adequate enough? You may feel like you just don’t fit in no matter how much you try. You second guess your own gifts, talents, and abilities on account of what others may think or say about you. Every morning when you arise it is important that you look at yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself that you are more than enough. You are more than enough at home, at school, at work, when your with your friends and family, or furthermore when you are by yourself. Confidence must arise within you and you must know that God did not create you by mistake. You were not formed in your mother’s belly by accident. Although, your parents or guardian may claim you were unplanned or unexpected, in Gods eyes you were placed there at the right timing. You were called to come forth into this world to do great things.

IMG_3177At times it will be a challenge trying to figure out what those great things are but don’t burst a blood vessel trying to figure it all out. Sometimes it is just a matter of you looking up, looking at your life, and seeing what it is that you are doing daily.  Many of us have gifts and talents that point us into the direction in which we are called, similar to an old compass or for those technically savvy the new GPS. When we are called into that direction it is important that we are sensitive to the voice of God, no different than we are to Siri (for those of you with an iPhone). God will not only navigate you on how to get there but He will prepare you for a position that you maybe unfamiliar with. You may even feel like you are inadequate in fulfilling that position. But again, God doesn’t make mistakes even when others may feel you are not qualified for the position. He knows exactly what He is doing and even better He already knows how He is going to do it. All you have to do is follow His commands.

IMG_3179I encourage you today to walk in confidence knowing that you were born with a purpose. You were called to this position for a particular reason.  For some of you it could be a house wife, a student leader, a ministry leader, a military officer, a fast food associate, a doctor, or lawyer. Whatever the position maybe, it is your responsibility to be the very best at it even on those not so good days when you don’t feel like this position is for you. Take some time to reflect on this position knowing that God did not put you there by accident. Go as far in knowing that God did not make a mistake in selecting the family He chose for you. Yes, this includes your family genetic make-up which flows through your DNA.

He understood that your position would be what makes you stronger and more confident in doing His work for the Kingdom.  If you feel like you are uncertain of your position, know with confidence that you are an ambassador for Christ. In being an ambassador for Christ there are a few friendly reminders that you will need to note. First be confident in your position which was given to you by God. Next, know that you are not a mistake but that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. And lastly, be encouraged knowing that you are qualified to handle the task at hand. God makes no mistakes in selecting the people that He desires to use. Walk in confidence knowing that you were chosen for a time such as this, in the position such as this.

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