IMG_3147-0PRAYER:  Lord allow us to surrender all to You, withholding nothing from You. Allow us to slow down so that we don’t miss our time and chance. Let us remember that we are running the race for MORE of You.

VERSE OF THE DAY:  Ecclesiastes 9:11

You’ve been running this race rather swiftly but don’t run too swiftly or you may miss something! While running the race is good we always are running for MORE. We are chasing for MORE of our dreams, MORE for our goals, or MORE for our lives. During your MORE season, I encourage you to sit and think about where you are going. Yes, indeed I said it. How often do we run for something and never stop and pause to think about where we are going? Where are we headed? We want so badly to grab the mantle and take off from where our ancestors took off at. We work so hard to gain MORE than what they had that we fail to recognize and realize that this race is a process. This race means that we must endure. It means that we must have strength. It means that we must have both time and chance within our lanes.

IMG_3148-0MORE is what we ask God for all of the time. He desires to give us MORE but allow me to ask you a few questions: Are you willing to give God MORE of you? Are you willing to tell God that you are willing to give yourself to Him so that He can use you? You ask MORE from Him but do you desire to sacrifice for Him? Do you desire to withhold nothing from Him? Do you desire to give yourself away to Him so that you can be used by Him?  Are you running this race with that in mind as you grab for that mantle and continue to run?  Are you running swiftly by the people whose lives you are meant to touch today? Are you running and passing your spouse, your children, your elderly family members, or your friends? Are you so busy trying to gain MORE that you have not taken time out for the very things that matter most? Are you running so swiftly that you are passing God? He is yelling for you to slow down. He is yelling for you to run back into His arms. Instead, you are so busy and focused on MORE that you’re assuming that God is encouraging you to run on and finish the race.

IMG_3146-0When will you see that the race is already won! You already have the victory. You already have MORE. You already have everything that God is wanting and willing to give you yet you are running swiftly. You are not gaining strength nor endurance for the race and then you get upset when you miss both your time and your chance. It is because you have not taken the time to slow down and endure, nor stay in your lane. The endurance comes from you withholding nothing from God and surrendering your all to Him. You cry out that you are withholding nothing from God yet when you look in the stands you don’t see anyone there to cheer you on. You don’t see anyone their because you were running so swiftly that you forgot to tell them about the race. You were too busy chasing the MORE of the race instead of chasing MORE of God. You must know and understand that the MORE will come as long as you are in the race. Don’t run this race alone. There are people along the way whose hearts and lives you need to touch. There are people who you cannot leave behind like your family and your friends.

IMG_3150-0So I encourage you to be MORE sensitive to the voice of God. When God asks something of you be open to doing that in which He has asked you to do. Don’t run this race so swiftly that you forget the reason you are in the race. You are not in the race to gain merely MORE for yourself. You are in the race to gain MORE for God. MORE smiles, MORE hearts, MORE hugs, MORE kisses, MORE of what really matters while in this race of life. Remember to not just grab that mantle from the elderly but remember to give them MORE of your time too.  MORE of you is needed for God and He doesn’t want you withholding anything. He wants your sacrifice, not just in your life but in the seed that you sow. Every sacrifice is giving you MORE and MORE strength and endurance. Your sacrifice gives God an opportunity to give you MORE. So run this race but be mindful that you already have MORE, especially if all you want is God. What MORE could you ask for in this here race? So cry out for MORE of Him because when you run after God everything else will come, including MORE.

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