IMG_3138PRAYER: Lord don’t let us fall into a spirit of depression from feeling lonely. Don’t just surround us with people but fill the emptiness of feeling lonely that is within. Connect us with others so that isolation does not become our best friend.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 41:10

Have you ever been to a football game or a basket ball game, been surrounded by hundreds of people, but find yourself feeling lonely? How about when you walk into a huge meeting or when you walk into a mega church? All of these places are generally crowded and one would think that there is no possible way that one could feel lonely. Believe it or not, these places are full of so many lonely people. Loneliness has no respecter of persons and you don’t have to be isolated in order to feel lonely. Loneliness can be on account of not feeling accepted, not feeling like you or others can relate, constantly being misunderstood by others, or from feeling unloved.

IMG_3139There is a difference between wanting to be alone and feeling completely alone. Jesus wanted to be alone so often times we would read of Him shying away to a secret or secluded place. It is in this secret place that He would take some time to pray. I’m sure if at any time He felt alone it would be during this time that He would find His strength in the Lord. Jesus was surrounded by disciples and people majority of the time. Although He was surrounded by so many beautiful and wonderful people He still knew when it was time to shy away from the crowd. So I encourage you that although you may have those moments when you feel alone and like no one understands you, shy away to a secret place and pray. “Sometimes loneliness is God’s cry for time with you.” Ask God to be your strength and help you through these feelings of feeling alone. Ask Him to step in and to fill that void and emptiness that eats away at your heart and causes you to feel like you are in this thing all by yourself.

IMG_3137Even when it looks like you are all alone, you don’t have to feel all alone. You even have angels that will come down and surround you and comfort you (Hebrews 1:14). Allow your angels to minister to you in this secret place and to take this feeling of loneliness away from you. When you find that you are lonely, depression will try to creep in, rule and reign on your throne of life. Don’t allow it to creep in and have dominion over you. Instead identify with what you feel and ask God to take care of it before it progresses to that point. In fact, one of my own favorite poems to read whenever I feel like so is “Footprints in the Sand.” I encourage you to read this whenever you feel lonely, as well. You will find out that Jesus is with you every step of the way. So don’t let your loneliness consume you. Instead turn it over to Jesus and allow Him and your angels to minister to your heart, mind, and soul. You will then begin to realize that just when you need Him the most that you truly are not alone.



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