IMG_3059PRAYER: Lord you hold our future in your hands. Allow us to remember that you are the God who has the final say in all that we do. Allow all fear, worry, and anxiety to leave us. Take away every distraction that will cause us not to focus solely on You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Nehemiah 2:2,4

You receive a phone call with not so good news. The phone call was of importance but somehow has caused you to go from having a great day to having unsettling fear, worry, and anxiety within. Yet today you have to perform at work at your maximum potential. What do you do when you are faced with adversity and you can’t show or display the feelings and the emotions on your face to others?  You are not trying to hide what you feel within but you know that if you mention how you are feeling it will play as a major distraction from that in which you are working on at work.

Distractions can so often slip into our lives and try to take over. Distractions try to rule and reign in a place where they have no true business being. How often do you begin setting goals and getting things organized and then all of a sudden you are left to take a phone call that changes everything? The phone call totally throws you off from what you were doing previously, yet the phone call was of importance and was much needed.  That one phone call completely changed your life around. Not only were you distracted but now you can’t seem to regain your level of focus.

So what do you do when you can’t show your sad countenance but others can feel it? You are not the same person that you usually are because in all actuality your heart is troubled. You are going through the motions of appearing happy but deep within you are afraid of what is to come. You don’t know what is going to happen next or where you will end up. So what do you do in this situation? You simply pray and then you come up with a strategy accordingly. Prayer changes the atmosphere and shifts your own attitude. You release the burdens that are trapped inside of you. You begin to turn it over to God and you begin to let God Him take away that which distracts you, while you put your trust in Him.

I encourage you to not be afraid of your tomorrow’s. Do not be afraid of what your future holds. Don’t let the distraction of phone calls lead you to a place of having a low countenance on your face. Remember to pray and ask God to lift those burdens off of your shoulders throughout the day. Go before the King with your requests and ask for His help. Ask Him to fix that in which you cannot fix. Ask Him to allow you to trust more and more of Him. Don’t allow that one phone call to ruin your entire day. Instead think positive and be positive. Trust that God has your future in His hands and that no matter what may be on the receiving end of the phone call that God has the final say.


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