IMG_3066PRAYER:  Lord although we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, allow us to not fear evil. Allow us to set goals that will get us out of the valley. Prepare our hearts and minds for the mountain top. Let us be ready!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 23:4

Have you ever gone through the valley? You have been there so long you are unpacked and living rather comfortably, until God gives you the word or the signal to move. Your goal is to reach the mountain top. What generally happens is while in the valley we become so comfortable and complacent that we neglect that there is going to come a time when God says move. My question for you today is are you prepared to go to the mountain top? While you are in the valley, what specifically are you doing to get to the mountain? What are you doing to get out of the valley? Are you taking steps and taking initiative in your own life to do so? Are you prepared for where God is taking you? Now is the time to get prepared for your next path. The journey has been long and hard and you have maintained it rather well but whatever you do, do not go into your next level unprepared!

IMG_3064So how do you go about getting prepared while you are in your valley. There are several things that you can do. You can begin by writing it out and making it plain, you can set goals for yourself and implement those goals, you can support and encourage others while taking steps to networking. There are so many avenues that you can take that you don’t have to be limited on because you are in the valley. So often people don’t prepare for the mountain top because they are too intimidated or too afraid of what is ahead of them. Even worst some are not prepared because they are too concerned about what others think about them. Those insecurities have kept them from being prepared. Being prepared also can mean gaining some level of confidence and determination. It is not all about endurance and strength. It’s about using that endurance and strength to make progress while in the valley.

IMG_3065So I encourage you today to do a full overview and assessment of where you are standing. Reevaluate your life and see exactly where you are in your valley. If you are displeased or dissatisfied then you have to make the necessary changes happen. You can’t be afraid to do so and you can’t allow anyone to talk you out of moving out of the valley. The valley is only temporary and you don’t deserve to live there when God has something greater and so much more purposeful for your life. You were born with greatness inside of you and once you see this you will be able to master and conquer anything that comes your way. Get up out of that valley and although God is with you He doesn’t desire for you to stay in that place. Set your heart and mind on bigger and better things and furthermore go for what is yours. Your entire life awaits you on the mountain top. So do whatever it takes to get up and out of the valley. It’s time to get prepared. You can do this!

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