IMG_3050PRAYER: Lord press the reset button of our lives and allow the pages of our lives to be rewritten. Give us a clean slate. From this point on let every chapter of our lives have a better beginning and a happy ending.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 51:7

Reset is such a powerful word to the one who needs for God to push that button. Resetting allows us to start our lives in a different direction or on a different path than we were last year. The words appreciation and gratitude come to mind when I think about the word reset. When we learn a lesson from our past mistakes or failures we are given an opportunity to reset and not go down the same path again. Appreciation and gratitude step in once we have realized the lesson within the test of our trials. When you reset you are starting with a clean slate from the beginning. Sometimes you are in the same situation but you have a different outlook on how you view things. We tend to be more appreciative and grateful than when we first began the test. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are gained and we have a new fond appreciation for the trials that we have faced.

IMG_3052Starting over is not easy and sometimes it can be hard, whether it’s a new school, new job, or new relationships. It all takes some adjustments. Fortunately for us God is in the business of clean slates. He desires for His children to have a new beginning, a new chapter, a new story to tell about their lives. He has died on the cross that our sins maybe forgiven. This means through the eyes of God you are made as white as snow and your sins are remembered no more. Once you accept Christ into your heart and into your life your reset button begins. Your blemishes and scars may still be there but your sins are gone away as God desires to bring forth healing to those wounds.

IMG_3051I encourage you to allow God to reset your heart and mind with the wisdom from your yesterday. Remember God loves you and there is no sin that is so great that God can not forgive a genuine heart. He desires for you to have a clean slate. He desires to reset that button for you. He knows all of what you’ve been through in your past and He doesn’t hold it against you. He was there when you cried. He was there through the frustrations. He was there through the pain. He was there through all of your ups and downs and He’s not going to leave you now. He desires more for you and from you, even if that means He has to begin the reset button for you without your permission. God knows what’s best for you. Allow God to reset your button and begin the chapters of your life’s story over again. Let the appreciation and gratitude of your past mistakes, failures, and lessons be learned. Trust God to reset your life for the better. Let your chapter begin and allow your life’s settings to be restored.

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