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PRAYER: Lord allow us to forgive in our hearts and to become more and more like you on a daily basis. Help us to deal with the areas of emotions that are hard to face on our own. Give us the strength to not let any of this control our freedom from these chains of bondage.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ephesians 4:32

Have you ever felt like you were being treated unfairly? You try so hard to lay how you feel out on the table but still feel like you are not getting the results that you desire. Have you ever felt ambivalent about how you felt towards your partner, family member, or friend once you have been mistreated? So often this can lead to emotions of anger and frustration. It can cause you to distance yourself away from that partner, family member, or friend. Resentment comes knocking at your door and you quietly let it creep in. Before you know it you are looking at the person with disgust or rage, full of so much hatred, bitterness, and anger.

So how did you get here? This is a very serious question that you need to ask yourself if you are feeling this way. You have to reevaluate everything. You have to ask yourself how did I let this grip me by my mind so tightly that it now festers over in my heart and controls me? How could I let this event or this scenario overshadow or take my life to the point where I am holding grudges and not talking to my partner, family member, or friends? What can I do to change this broken part of me? I feel like a piece of me is suffocating and left without any air to breathe, like life has sucked all of the love, joy, hope, and peace right out of me. All of this over one event or scenario that kept leading to disappointment after disappointment, mistrust after mistrust, hurt after hurt. Now I’m left facing one event or scenario that has held me captive.

Forgiveness is the answer to what you are facing. Forgiveness is the key to it all. You no longer have to look for the answer anymore. How hard is it for us to forgive when someone hurts us? When we do not forgive we allow the enemy to creep into our hearts and our minds and control us. He whispers those sweet little nothings into your ears and he taps into your emotions and level of thinking in ways you didn’t know existed. He blind sides you and gets you so focused and caught up over what happened and what didn’t happen that you forget the most easiest thing to do. Forgive. So you say to yourself how can I forgive someone who has hurt me? It is not that easy or I would have done it a long time ago.

This is what you do, you simply say a prayer every time you feel the scenario previewing in your mind like a film on the latest movie screen. You ask God to step in and take over because you are not strong enough to do so at that very moment. You ask God to help you to stop replaying the film over and over again in your mind and to occupy your thoughts with things that are more positive and more meaningful to His purpose for your life. You must stop talking about it over and over again. You must stop bringing up the old things. You deal with it head on and face to face and you stop allowing it to control who you are in and through Christ. You forgive and you move forward even when you are still in the same circumstances. Try this for yourself.

If you are at that point in the same circumstances it is time for you to reevaluate how you are going to get out of the situation. You must think about others and you must take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself does not mean that you are cruel and mean, only thinking about yourself while hurting others. No, taking care of yourself means that you take the time to walk away or do things that are going to allow your atmosphere to be an atmosphere of a stress free, anger free, resentment free, ambivalent free environment. Just like Christ forgives us for our sins daily, we too must forgive daily. That is how you make relationships work. You must forgive daily and constantly. Not just your partner, friend, or family member but you have to forgive yourself daily too.

So I encourage you as you continue on your journey called life to find forgiveness in your heart. Take the time to release those things that are dead weight to you. Throw your cargo overboard if it is causing your ship to stop sailing and to start sinking. I encourage you to pray daily and ask God to help you with this area in your life. This is not an easy task, but it is doable. You must begin to let go of the events and scenarios that may have occurred and bound you up. You can be set free from the chains and bondage that keeps you from living a stress free life. You can break free from being controlled and manipulated by the attacks of the enemy. Forgiveness on a daily basis is truly the ultimate key to your atmosphere of a stress free, anger free, resentment free, and ambivalent free lifestyle.


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