2015/01/img_2851-0.jpgPRAYER: Lord allow us to hear your voice. Take away all distractions. Give breaks where needed and allow us to see the answers to our questions.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 7:7

“You don’t need an ANSWER…you need to simply “pause” & open your eyes…your ANSWER is right in front of you…so ANSWER your own QUESTION!” @DANYALLE_83 (Twitter)


How often do you pray and ask God for something as you wait quietly for an answer? Most of us do often. As I engaged in an interesting conversation with a woman, she went into depth explaining to me how so often she tries to hear from the Lord but can’t. She goes on stating, “My pastor says I should be able to hear from the Lord but no matter how much I read my word and pray, I just can’t hear Him!” She wanted to venture off into owning her own business, but like most she needed confirmation. As I began to encourage her and advise her accordingly I had an “epiphany encounter” moment. The light bulb went off. Bing!


It dawned on me at that very moment her true cry was, “God you gave me a vision and a gift but I don’t know where to start, when to start, or how to use it. I’m a child of You and I thought I was familiar with Your word but I just can’t hear Your voice.” I gently spoke and told her that, “Sometimes God will not give you the answer you need in the way that you desire it.” With a puzzled look on her face, I continued. “Sometimes God will place you with a spiritual leader, in your case your pastor.” I explained that, “Sometimes it is not ones gifting to hear directly from God.” Not that she can’t sharpen the ability, it’s just I so happen to know her long list of distractions. I gently explained to her that, “When you have a vision or dream that is so huge with impact the enemy tries to cloud our vision through distractions. You must have spiritual leaders who are tuned in to the voice of God constantly, who could guide you through your valleys and get you to the mountain of God.”

2015/01/img_2858-0.jpgA few months ago, I started noticing things about leaders within the church. I started noticing that leaders fail to recognize their level of significance within the church body. What do I mean? We all have gifts and my gift is building people up (so much more goes with this gift but bare with me). So as I listen to these spiritual leaders speak, I hear pain, frustration, stress etc. They wear it with such grace that it amazes me that they haven’t had a mental break down. Some would argue, “It’s the Lord who is my strength.” I would argue, “TAKE A BREAK before you go and be with the Lord who is your strength (stress)!” They are so bombarded, overwhelmed, and overworked with the task or assignment that they forget that they are called to hear from the Lord. They are susceptible to the distractions just as much as the sheep are. That is why it is so vitally important that the sheep pray for ALL spiritual leaders. As I continued on with her and our discussion, I explained that, “There are going to be leaders (prophets, pastors, ministers, etc.) in place to confirm and to guide her into her destiny.” I went on to explain that, “There are times too when God simply uses ordinary people without titles to speak on His behalf. These people will come into agreement with you, some knowingly and some unknowingly, as a sign of confirmation to you and your vision.” With that said the spark flickered in her eyes and she was on her way feeling empowered.

I say all of this to encourage ALL spiritual leaders, who are called to hear the voice of God, to remember your place within the church and be sensitive to the voice of God. I encourage all of the Shepherds sheep to stop trying to hear an answer from God in some mystical way. Sometimes all you need to do is “pause” for a minute and look right before your very eyes. You have a ram in the bush in order to make the ultimate sacrifice. In other words, your answer is right in front of you. It’s so unfortunate, but we are often taught that God will give us what we need in some mystical way or with some mighty force or power, or at least it’s anticipated like so. When in all actuality, God is a god of simplicity. While He longs to commune with His sheep He knew that the enemy would create distractions, so He blessed you with spiritual leaders who are sensitive to His voice while your in the mist of your distractions.

2015/01/img_2859.jpgSpiritual leaders, be encouraged and continue to sharpen your gifts and abilities. The flock is depending on you to here Gods voice. Although it is hard like anything else in life, you still must lead accordingly. It’s a challenge but it’s doable. So get your STAFF (team) in place and do what it is you do best, LEAD. So remember the flock and tend to the sheep from the voice of God within. Remember that you are gifted with a very special gift. You are loved and hand picked by God. Just when you also feel like you just can’t hear His voice just remember it’s because you simply don’t need to at that very moment. Even your own answers to your questions are right in front of you as you lead from within. So take breaks and get rested where needed. Your assignment awaits!

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