2015/01/img_2839.jpgPRAYER: Lord give us strength as we wait upon You. Don’t let our faith grow weary in the mist of the wait. Grant us the patience that we need to endure the test. Allow us to reach our destination earlier than expected, prepared, and ready for what is to come.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 40:31

You are on your way to work and you get stuck behind a school bus for the special need students. You need to be clocked in within ten minutes. The bus driver waves for the opposite side to continue on with their morning despite the child not being fully situated on the bus. Frustration settles in. Time is ticking. You could very well be on time if this bus was not moving so slowly. The bus begins to move, turns left into the neighborhood. Yes! You are going to make it on time. But wait their is another bus a few cars behind that bus that just so happens to be in front of you.

2015/01/img_2841.jpgYou see flashing signal lights. Oh No! Their is another student rushing to get on the bus and be seated. She is not a special needs student so it doesn’t take her as long as you look at the clock. There is no way you can get parked, on the elevator, and up three flights carrying & juggling your keys, your coffee mug, your purse, and your rolling briefcase all in one. You left early and you are still managing to be stuck in traffic. You tilt your head back all the way looking at heavens beautiful sky asking, why Lord?

Then all of a sudden the song plays on K-Love radio “Strength Will Rise, As We “WAIT” Upon The Lord.” You chuckle to yourself knowing very well that God answered your question through a song. He has been dealing with you heavily on “waiting” and “patience.”  You finally have an “epiphany encounter” moment. You realize that you are being strengthened in what is to come in your future.

You have been waiting but your patience has worn thin with God. You have been enduring and you passed the test, yet you’re still left to wait on God.  You finally get on your floor. You tucked your keys away because the girls usually leave the door unlock, so you can just walk right on in and punch the time clock. You get to the door and the door is locked. You fumble for your keys. You finally make it through the door and to the time clock. You are three minutes early. You not only made it early but you made it just in the nick of time!

What do you do when waiting isn’t easy? What do you do when your “patience” is tried by God? You simply “WAIT UPON THE LORD!” When we go through trials we are not going through trials in vain. God has a way of teaching us certain principles. In my scenario, it was to have “patience” and “wait” upon the Lord. You are not waiting for nothing, but you are building strength. What God is trying to do is exercise your level of faith so that when you reach your final destination you are strong enough to endure what awaits you.

So I encourage you today that no matter how late you feel you may be know that God is building up your faith and strength in Him. You must trust and believe that God will get you to where you need to be in His due timing. Remember that you will never be late in meeting your destiny when riding along with God. Even better, you will be strong enough to face whatever is before you because you would have endured and gained strength while waiting upon the Lord. Be encouraged today knowing that your “Strength Will Rise As You “WAIT” Upon The Lord.”


To those parents who have children with special needs know that words cannot describe what you endure daily. I have had the privilege to serve in taking care and working one on one with children with special needs, mine being autism. There are no words for the strength, abilities, and God given gift in which God has placed inside of you. I have served and will continue to serve your needs to the best of my abilities. This just so happens to be one of those mornings when time was more important than anything or anybody, which should not be so but as you can see God is not through with me yet either. Know my heart goes out to you and I am praying daily for your strength in the Lord. I pray that this encourages you and lets you know that there are people out here who care and support your strength and your hard work in raising such precious children and adults. Have a wonderful day knowing that God is with you and my heart is with you as well. “Strength Will Rise As We “WAIT” Upon The Lord.

Many Blessings

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  1. I truly loved this post! I have been working on my patience for as long as I can remember. And this post is perfect for me. When we wait in the Lord is never in vain and everything works out. I love to tell myself “when we do our best, God takes care of the rest” That helps me to trust more in Him.

    I love the story of a man that was moving with his family and his car broke down so many times and he was about to give up, but I love how the story ends.

    How did you learn to trust and wait in the Lord?

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