PRAYER: Lord allow the truths that are revealed to us not be intended to hurt us but to sharpen us. Allow us to accept that in which we desire to reject. Build our character up in you and allow us to be holistic and free in and through You.


What do you do when the truth hurts? How do you process what has been told to you or about you? How do you digest it all at once? So often we either receive bad or disappointing news and we just want to crawl into a cave and never show our faces again. Sometimes it is out of a sense of embarrassment and others it is simply because we do not know what to do next. Facing the truth can be very challenging. It can even leave our feelings to be hurt deep within, especially if what was said was pertaining to our attitude or character.

Does this mean that you stop being who you are on account of what others may have said? Absolutely not! Does this mean that you have to reevaluate a few things and change it for the better? It is a possibility. Could you have been misunderstood altogether? There is an assurance in that area that you probably have been. So how do you go about fixing this? How do you go about accepting what has been given to you when in all actuality you really desire to reject it? I will tell you how you go about doing this. You go to God in prayer and you simply ask Him to begin to reveal to you the truth.

Why do you go to God first and not to a family member or a friend? Well it could be that the family member or friend is the one that has stated these truths about you. Instead, take the time to go to God in order to regain your clarity and insight on how God views and sees you and on how you view and see yourself. You ask Him for not only the raw truth but you ask Him for guidance in how to better handle these raw truths. Ask Him to assist you in the areas of rejection. Ask Him to not let what others say about you change the core of who you are, unless God desires that change. Remember God created you. He not only knows who you have been, or who you are, but He knows who you will become. So I encourage you to make use out of the truths that were given to you and use them to build up your character and who you are becoming. In the end, be mindful that God knows the truth and the truth will set you free in and through Him.


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