PRAYER: Lord allow us to slow down making use of our time wisely. Allow us not to look at this time of being slowed down as a means of boredom. Occupy our minds with You and allow us to reflect on what you desire to show us internally. Let our external reflect more and more of you.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ephesians 5:15-16

Have you ever been so excited that you finally have an extra day or two off? You get so excited with the main things that you have on your “To Do List” and all you want to do is sleep, sleep, and sleep. So what happens when you get the rest that you need and all of a sudden you become bored? Social media is no longer sparking any conversations worthwhile. You don’t feel like using your brain to actually read a book because technically you are supposed to be resting. You don’t want to play a game because you just don’t feel like having to think or get overly stimulated off of the thrill and the excitement of the game. There is absolutely nothing that sparks your attention on the television.


So what do you do when you have reached this point. Do you ever have time to reach this point? Our environments are so full of so many different and exciting sounds and we are constantly on the go that when it comes time for us to slow down and rest our world becomes a world of boredom. Sometimes it is during these times that we take a minute to reflect and focus on ourselves. We must reevaluate our overall well being and our own health. We must figure out if we are on the right track in our own lives when we are making decisions at such a fast pace. Slowing down is not a bad thing. It is a moment to reflect and think not on things that are being thrown our way but thinking internally so that it may show forth externally.


I encourage you to no longer look at your time of slowing down or simply resting as a time of boredom. Instead look at it as a time to reflect and spend time with God. See what He desires for your life and see if you are on the right track in where He desires for you to go. So don’t let boredom over shadow you with its negative reinforcements. Instead, take a moment to see that you are not just bored because their is nothing to do. You are bored because you are that something that needs to be done. How often do you take time out for yourself away from the family, from the spouse, from your kids, from work or school? So take the time to look at the internal and distinguish what is God trying to say to you during that moment of being slowed down. With time the external will soon reveal.


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