2015/01/img_2784-1.jpgPRAYER: Lord allow us to get through every level in our lives successfully. Make us stronger with more positive energy. Strengthen us as we face different devils on our new level.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Hebrews 3:4

Have you ever felt like your life was like a Nintendo video game? Have you ever felt like the walls of your life has just come tumbling down? It seems like you are centered around piles of bricks and left with nothing more than rubble. Everything that you worked so hard for has completely come down and been destroyed.


There are points on this journey called life that we experience these moments. When they hit us, they hit us hard. Our walls of safety fall down and we are left looking at a complete rubble. In the mist of it, all we are left to do is simply stand. You see the walls of your life have tumbled down not because you are a bad person or because you can’t seem to get it together, but the walls have come down like the bricks of a Nintendo video game, because you are stronger, wiser, and better now. You have so much power and energy within you that you have outgrown those walls.


So now it’s time for you to come out of all of that rubble and move on with your life. You have completed that level on the journey of life. It’s time to find a new location, a new spot, a new destination, a new direction to head in. Rebuild the walls of your life again. Don’t use the same bricks and for some of you don’t even use the same foundation. It’s time to recognize your level of growth and maturity. It’s time to walk in it and be proud of where you have come from. You have come too far to turn back now. So get ready to rebuild as God gives you thorough instructions while stepping into your new level. New levels bring different devils so prepare your heart and mind for the victory you have already won!





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