PRAYER: Lord help us to be wise in our decision making. Allow our gifts and talents to be used for your glory. Bless the works of our hands.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 18:16

2015/01/img_2774.jpgWhat does it take to be responsible for your gifts and talents that you were born with? It amazes me how many of us sit on our gifts. We never take the time to really look at what God has given us in order to help us be prosperous and for some to survive. We go through the motions but we complain we don’t have the money or resources to get it done. While this maybe true to begin with this doesn’t have to be the final say. Has it ever occurred to you that just maybe the gifts you have are there to put food on the table, pay your bills, or simply to pay your way through college?

2015/01/img_2773-0.jpgWe so often pray for God to send us money and send us financial support but we somehow miss the mark on putting our brains with our gifts. We miss the mark of being wise and handling business. Some may say that they don’t know where to start. You must use your wisdom and knowledge. Start investing in yourself. Start investing in your time, efforts, and energy towards your gifts. Instead of buying the latest outfit, movie, video game, or dinning out, use that money to invest in a good book or for some of you writing a good book. Maybe you do need a little assistance and a little help going further in your gifts. Start reaching out to people like myself who assist with managing and consultation. Start reading books and magazines and learning what others did to help them along the way with there gifts and talents.

So I encourage you to be wise. Use your brain alongside your gifts and allow your gift to make room for you. Don’t give up on what you enjoy doing simply because everything seems foggy. Gain your clarity through receiving wisdom, exploring your talents, and researching your gifts.  You are spiritually and mentally gifted so think like so and be like so! Remember you are not just gifted and talented, but you are a gift from God.


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