2015/01/img_2728.jpgPRAYER:  Lord allow us to lean completely on you during the battles.  Have mercy on us that our bones are not troubled within us. Allow us to admit that we are weak and that we need Your strength.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 6:2, Exodus 14:14

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “I need to go to the gym?” What about when you look up and, “Oh no, is that a zit?” You do a double take of yourself when you close the medicine cabinet while looking in the mirror and say, “I need to go and get my hair done” or “I need a hair cut?” Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said to yourself, “I am weak?” I guarantee the first three questions we all have either said or asked ourselves but that last question, not so much.

Why would God give us a body made from the earth that is considered to be weak? I will tell you why. It so that we can completely rely on Him. Out of all the elements known and unknown God could have given us a body made of metal scraps, wood, or plastic but from the dust He created us in His own image. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we say that we are strong but in all actuality we have areas of weakness. The problem is we will not understand our strength (God) until we first acknowledge our weakness (flesh).

You try so hard to stand tall with your chests out and heads held high after going through a series of on going battles. You face every battle you can think of and everything seems to have gone wrong in your life. You are getting hit left and right with arrows, fiery darts, and grenades. Then you stand there weak with out any energy left to fight onward in that spiritual battle. Your bones are troubled because they are not made to endure all of what you have gone through. Despite it all, you must learn how to give your weakness to God and allow Him to be your strength and fight your battles. You must be still.

2015/01/img_2732.jpgSo often we find ourselves in battles and we fight until we are victorious. Before you know it you have been in a number of battles and you have yet to ask God to be your strength. You are fighting on your own because you simply have not humbled your heart to ask God to step in and be your strength or fight your battles for you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see this person who is victorious, full of courage and bravery, clothed in your army fatigues of strength. Yet your bones are crying out!

We take on the assumption that we are made for any and every battle because we have made it through so many different battles. While this is true there is a scripture that reads, “For the battle is not yours, it’s the Lords (2 Chronicles 20:15).” Now don’t get me wrong we have the power to fight our battles but they were never intended for us to fight on our own. After a while if you go into battle a number of times and you are not refueled, refreshed, and replenished then you become weak. And if by chance you are good, you kept the faith, and fought a good fight, your strength has seeped out of you and you are not operating at your maximum potential. Then there are sometimes when you become all tapped out!

2015/01/img_2734.jpgSo I encourage you to look at yourself in the mirror, and start speaking to the God that lives in you. Acknowledge your weaknesses but remind yourself that God is your strength. Be confident that God knew what He was doing when He created you and made you from the dust in His image. He knew that you would have moments of weakness. He gives Himself to you daily for strength. So tap into God who is your strength and get your bones strong again. Only God can be your ultimate strength and fight your battles for you when you are all tapped out.

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