PRAYER: Lord allow us not to lose sight of You and become easily distracted. Help us to regain our focus and shift our mindsets for the better. Deliver us from technology that we may seek You as our first love.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Deuteronomy 6:6,7

It is no coincidence that technology is a distraction to our everyday thought process. Majority of us have some form of an electronic device in our homes. These devices go from flat-screens, tablets, smart phones, laptops, blue-ray DVDs, and more. We wake up each morning and we are so anxious to see what is happening on the latest social media networks. Every where we go and every where we turn their is music playing, smart phones going off, the latest news updates flashing across the big screens. It is no wonder we stay distracted all of the time.

2015/01/img_2723.jpgIf we are honest with ourselves our brains never really have a moment to truly rest. Albert Einstein had a quote that merely suggested that technology was going to somehow create, what he called “idiots”, due to the lack of human interaction. Well, I have to admit that he was actually right. Technology takes over our communication and interaction with one another. We no longer can value peoples personalities, honor their expressions, respect their emotions. We simply have hidden behind a screen of “distraction.” We allow “distraction” in our homes, on our jobs, and when we are out and about, making human interaction difficult to maintain.

2015/01/img_2725.jpgAlthough technology has the power to bring us together. It also has the power to tear us apart. Technology simply is convenience wrapped up in one. It gives us an opportunity to get things done quickly. Majority of us won’t leave home without our smart phone. I don’t know what’s worst, leaving your keys in the front door, your wallet on the kitchen table, or your smart phone on your night stand. It all causes you to rush back into the house to get that in which you forgot. Although technology has the power to bring us together, it slowly reigns over our minds subconsciously. It affects our feelings and actions. If we are not careful it can cause dysfunction to creep into our homes and into our lives. We no longer are familiar with one another anymore and most of us live underneath the same roof. So I encourage you to be responsible and monitor your usage of your electronic devices. Take the time out to put those devices away and do things how it use to be done. Sitting at the dinner table, having game night, chatting about the type of day you experienced, minus your electronic devices.2015/01/img_2727.jpg

Do you remember that moment when you use to open your bible, read your devotion, and pray? Now we are so far gone in technology, that what use to take us 30 minutes to an hour to read our devotion, meditate, and pray now takes us less than ten minutes via our smartphones. So now we give God the max 2 hours of our time through out the week. You know that ten minutes Monday through Saturday and then a hour and a half if the choir slays you in the spirit at church on Sunday. Then we want to say that we have a personal relationship with God. Really!?

Now what relationship do you know of that is strong, unstoppable, and unbreakable from a 2 hour long conversation from an entire week? None. You said it right. There isn’t any relationship that would maintain a secure, healthy, and functional bond between two people, not even behind a screen. It just wouldn’t work. It doesn’t matter if you are lovers or friends. 2 hours a week is just not enough devoted time. It is not about just spending quiet time with God. It’s about gaining clarity and insight about your future. It’s about setting aside time throughout your day to quiet your mind, spend time with your family, and tap back into God’s presence. So be mindful of just how much time you spend with technology versus how much time you spend with God. Don’t make technology your lover and God your paramour. Be sure to ask yourself is technology your first love or is God your first love? Find the time to fall in love with God all over again!

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