PRAYER:  Lord wipe away every tear from the eyes of those who are facing depression or any troubling circumstance. Change their negative thoughts into healthy positive thoughts. Fix their problems and make all things new for them again.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Revelations 21:4,5


Depression tends to rain on the parade of so many. Sometimes it can seem like an on going process that just won’t ever end. You try to shift your focus but the situation or the problem just keeps gnawing away at you. You see everything going haywire. Out of all of this you feel frustrated, confused, overwhelmed. You look to the heavens and you simply scream deep within, “When will it ever end?”

Tears fill your eyes, grief floods your soul, and all you want to do is hide under your pillow with the covers pulled completely over your head, as if you are going to disappear magically in doing this mere gesture. For me, suffering with depression was not easy (Notice how I said “was” because God can heal). It seemed the more and more I kept going like the energizer bunny the more and more depressed I would become. I would openly give to others and pour all of myself out as they would just take, take, and take.


Frustrations settled in because people would never fill my cup back up as I waited patiently for them to do so or even allow me a moment to simply replenish.  It wasn’t until I had an EPIPHANY ENCOUNTER moment that I realized, “Wait a minute. I’m causing myself more harm than good, but why?” Why am I just overwhelmed with everything that is being thrown at me? So I did what any strong person such as myself would do (let me remind you that I felt so weak, helpless, and hopeless). I began to change! What? “What do you mean you began to change?”

I began to live for me again. I made the decision to no longer give outside of my boundaries but be “selfish” just a little bit. “What do you mean?” I began to say the word NO. I stop depending on others to fill my cup up and I started asking God to fill my cup up. I began to speak up for myself when I was uncomfortable and make people respect my wishes just as they expected this of me. I began to do what I wanted to do and not what others wanted me to do. Boy o’ boy, did I ruffle some feathers with that one! “Who does she think she is?”

2015/01/img_2721.jpgI had to change! I had to say enough is enough. I had to accept my situation and my circumstances and make the very best out of what I had to work with. Changing my mindset, my view on things, and setting boundaries that were doable for me, really allowed me to put things back into perspective. I started thinking more about me and what I desired. I started feeling myself smile again. I started thinking positive thoughts again. I began to not be as frustrated. I began to feel alive again.

Did my circumstances change? Absolutely Not! I did. I changed and I began to grow into doing the things that I enjoyed doing. I let go of all of the things I couldn’t change and I focused on the things that I could change, one of those things being me. So I encourage you to reevaluate your state of depression. No do not become your own doctor. I’m not saying stop taking your medications or start doing anything outside of your professional doctors orders. I’m simply saying that when it feels like there is no hope left, that taking baby steps towards your happiness is possible!

You just have to be willing to accept the concept of change. No not changing your situation. Let’s be real majority of us simply can’t do that right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change you. You can change your negative thinking into positive thinking. You have to begin setting your atmosphere with the right tone. For example, starting your day off by listening to great music that is encouraging and uplifting. You have to surround yourself with people who aim to inspire you and who want to go places with their own lives. You must give happiness an opportunity to creep back into your life.

Regardless of if you have a chemical imbalance (depression) or not, there is nothing wrong with having healthy and positive reinforcements in your space. Your happiness will come when you decide to change from within. Everything else will fall into place piece by piece. Depression may be what you were diagnosed with but it does not have to take over your life. Give yourself room to grow, time to heal, and most importantly time to live and smile again. So today enjoy your day knowing that “THE BEST IS YET TO COME AND YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS.” Begin taking your first step today towards your happiness! Change.


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