piano-photographyPRAYER: Lord help us to make the time for our gifts and talents, that we may find them and be a blessing not only to ourselves but to someone else who needs what we have.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Timothy 1:6

It amazes me at how gifted and talented so many of us are and how often our gifts within us are not stirred up. This means that often times we sit on our gifts. We either are not motivated to produce the results or we simply lack in understanding how to truly use our gifts. I encourage you today to do the things that you enjoy doing. Try to put some time on your schedule that is specifically geared towards the things that you enjoy doing. Personally, for me it is writing. I enjoy sitting down and putting together my thoughts and making them come to life. For you it maybe something totally different. ballet-photo

Some of us would call these gifts hobbies. The difference in a hobby and a gift is that your hobby is more so for your own self fulfillment. Your gift may be a self fulfillment for you but it is also a self fulfillment for others. It’s important that we recognize the difference. Think to yourself, what is it that you have that you can give to someone else that would not only make you happy but bless someone else in the long run. It may take you some time to figure it out but ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what gifts and talents that God has placed inside of you. Ask Him to show you how those gifts can be a blessing to someone else. violinist

Either you will become creative in figuring it out and if not then you will have to do some deep searching. Life is too short to sit on your gifts. Someone out here needs your gift to be activated. When your gift is activated it cause others to be inspired in fulfilling their goals and chasing their dreams. So be encouraged today and figure out what gifts and talents you may have and how can they be a blessing to someone else. The goal is to not just self fulfill yourself but to fulfill someone else. BE A BLESSING & STIRRUP YOUR GIFTS.

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