Colossians 4_5-6

PRAYER: Lord give us wisdom to live wisely among those who may not know you personally. Allow our words to be few but our life style to be plenty.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Colossians 4:5-6

In reading this passage of scripture it dawned on me that if we are not careful at what we say and how we do things then we may turn others away from who we are. The question then aroused concerning who am I? I would say that I am a reflection of Christ. In saying this, this means that my life style has to emanate some of the qualities and characteristics of Christ. Some people have a tendency to be overly religious concerning being ambassadors for Christ. Sometimes it can be to the point that it is scary or that it is very uncomfortable for others who are not familiar with Christ. As a Christian it is important that we understand that although we desire to have everyone saved we also desire to live in a manner that reflects just that.only jesus they see

There is a saying that is often said concerning that we must be careful at how we treat people and conduct ourselves because we may be the only Jesus that someone sees. How true this is! Not everyone is familiar with the teachings of the Bible and everyone does not know the story of Jesus Christ. This is no different than you finding out the latest and interesting fact of the day. There are people who have not yet had the opportunity to be exposed to the God in whom you and I may serve, and that is alright. That is why it is so important that we don’t get to tied up in being overly religious and assuming that everyone knows everything. We shouldn’t make them feel bad if they don’t know about Christ or the Bible either. We must be careful at how we present Christ and how we reveal him to others. O’ the joy that someone will find once they get to know that their is a God who truly does love them just as they are. It doesn’t matter how they look or what they have been through all that matters is that they have a willing heart to receive the love that is available to them. becoming_like_Christ

So I encourage you today to be mindful that your life should emanate a reflection of Christ. People should be curious concerning your life and what you enjoy doing. Make this your introductory piece to your presentation of Christ. Make your conversation simple and easy. Don’t bombard anyone with scriptures and using the jargon of thus and thou. It’s really unnecessary when you are trying to introduce someone to Christ. Introduce them to Christ through your gentle words, calm spirit, and by being a breath of fresh air just to be around. Life is full of so much turmoil and frustration that no one desires to be in that environment if they don’t have to.receiving-christ-header

By being approachable and open this allows you to display the love and joy of Christ. To be honest you don’t really have to do anything but be who you are. Be knowledgeable about the material concerning the Bible and you don’t have to be a scholar. There are several churches who have pastors, ministers, and leaders who are trained in depth who can give more of the meat and potatoes to knowing Jesus Christ. Keep within your boundaries and have fun while you are talking and interacting with others. Christ will show up on His own, just allow your heart and mind to be an open vessel that He works through. I pray that this blesses you as much as it has blessed me on today. Have an incredible day in becoming more like Christ!

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