PRAYER: Lord help us to understand the process of the journey. Let our sacrifices be beneficial and worth the reward.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Hebrews 13:16

You may find yourself in situations or circumstances that involves such a sacrifice. It seems like the road will never end. The journey to reach your destination seems like it has turned into an even longer hike than anticipated. There are going to be times when it seems like all of the hard work that you do and put forth is just not cutting it. You must first rely on God as your number one source. You must depend on Him during such trying times. You must next look at the process. What are you trying to obtain? What is your goal? Are you reaching your vision slowly but surely? Next you must take those time out moments or those mini breaks where you step aside and you let God take over. Sometimes the weight, pressure, and load is just too much for you to bear alone. Step aside and allow God’s angels to put in work for you. They are here to assist you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Allow them to do their jobs. You will not be able to handle and juggle everything. A little help can go a long ways.

So today be encouraged knowing that the sacrifices that you are making now will all be worth it in the end. Know and understand that you can get through the process. Try to see what lesson you are supposed to learn through it all. Take it as a gateway to your learning and critical thinking process. Understand that you are not in it alone. You are not in this thing by yourself. God has been and still is standing right by your side. Try to figure out where you can take your time out time or even a break and then do just that, take it! You will recognize in the end that you just needed a moment to regroup and get your head back in the game. Just know that when it is all said and done. The sacrifice is worth it.

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