PRAYER: Lord help us to think outside of the box. Give us boldness and courage to implement our  dreams, visions, and ideas.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 4:8

Thinking outside of the box involves courage. Being able to have a vision and then act on that vision takes a lot of courage as well. When thinking outside of the box you will find that sometimes people around you may not be able to see your vision or idea the way that you see it. Sometimes this means that you may have to implement what you see on your own. You may not have a manual or instructions on how to get it done but your act of obedience may change your life and the life of others. 

Dreaming big doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it. Sometimes you have to have a strategy and plan by writing out what you see and possibly what you feel. It’s at this point you can study and see exactly where you are going and if it is worth where you are headed to. Being bold takes courage and that courage has to come from a source that is greater than you. God gives us strength within to help us conquer the visions and dreams He has placed on our hearts. It’s very important that we trust God. He entrusted you enough to reveal His very own thoughts to you. It is an honor to see what radical ideas God has in mind. No matter what you do, when it comes down to your thoughts don’t ever be afraid to think outside of the box.

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