PRAYER: Lord TAKE A LOAD OFF of our shoulders. Allow us to accomplish the things that you have in store for you. Teach us how to distribute the weight successfully.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 21:22

There will be times when you find that the load is just too heavy and that it is just too much for one person to bear all alone. I cannot stress the emphasis of how important it is to delegate those tasks to someone else or how to categorize those things into sections that can be tackled a lot easier. Stress can lead to death if you are not careful, not just death physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. It is important that you are aware of your level of stress. Self care is something that can be overlooked due to the busyness of life. The goal is to try to eliminate as much stress from the body as possible. You can do so through exercise, dieting, better organizing and planning, having a team and so much more. Carrying too much can cause you to not remain focus and can lead you to exhaustion or burn out.

I encourage you today to monitor your level of stress. Think about what you can do to get ahead and not fall so far behind. Ask yourself what are ways you can tackle the matter at hand. Can you find others who can help or assist you in the matter? If so, have you mapped out a plan to delegate what it is that you need? Teamwork makes the dream work and there are going to be times where you cannot find people to help you. During those times you must rely and depend on the help and strength of God to see you through. Think about all of what you are going through and all of what you are up against and ask God to step in to assist you where needed. You will see that He is more than willing and able to simply TAKE A LOAD OFF of your shoulders.


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