PRAYER: Lord You have called us to a place that is higher in and through You. Order our steps and allow us to advance further than where we are and where we’ve ever been.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 119:133

I’ve often found myself feeling lost and out of place after something has overwhelmed me or taken a toll on me. I often wondered and asked God why I felt so out of place. I have often pulled myself and things together and still felt empty within. It is during that time that I realized God was trying to shake up the path in which I was on and shift me into another direction. How often do you feel out of position? How often do you feel out of place? What if God was taking you through a process? What if God was shifting you to move into another direction? Often times we feel like so and God is calling us to go to a higher level in and through Him. You are feeling out of place and out of sorts because you are out of place. You no longer belong at the level you are at. You no longer have to stay in the same position you are in. 

God is calling you to elevation. He knows that you are comfortable where you are at but He also knows He has something greater in store for you. He can’t bless you with something greater if you are stagnant or in the same place. He can’t advance you in areas of your life if you are not willing to take a nice stroll with Him. Allow God to shift you into another deminsion of your life. Allow Him to take you places you have never been before. Allow your footsteps to be ordered by the Lord. In the end, you will realize that you didn’t need to stay where you were but you needed to go higher in and through God. Be encouraged and go higher!

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