PRAYER: Lord don’t let life’s distractions keep us from drawing closer to You.


Life has a way of distracting you from the things that are important. Sometimes it’s from family, friends, places and more. Finding the time to juggle so many things at one time can become or seem overwhelming. Often times we are overwhelmed because we allow our emotions to get the best of us. We must recognize that when we are up against a lot tapping into our emotions is not always the appropriate approach. Our emotions cause us to have distorted thinking and vision. 

We must be mindful of this and try to operate from a more logical and reasonable perspective. We must actually do what needs to get done by doing a little at a time. You must not overwhelm yourself with too much at one time. I encourage you to think about what it is that overwhelms you and see how you can master that by trying to maintain a clear mind. Ask God to help you in this area if you feel any levels of weakness. Do your very best and allow God to do the rest.

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