PRAYER: Lord we thank you for the open doors of opportunity. Help us to never go back through the doors You have closed.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Revelation 3:8

Life has a way of shutting the door on us as a means of telling us don’t look back and don’t turn back. When life becomes like so God has a way of seeing the closed door and opening a new door for us that will allow us to escape and elevate. God has a way of shifting us to higher place Him when we believe. He doesn’t desire for you to remain or stay stuck or stagnant. He doesn’t want you to be discouraged, depressed, or dismayed.

God wants you to walk through the open door that He has prepared for you because greater is on the other side for you. Today think about the doors that are open opportunities for you. Let go of the past opportunities that didn’t work well for you. Trust God to do what you’ve never expected. Walk through the open door and allow God to move in and through your life. You’ll be glad you did!



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