PRAYER: Lord allow the stories within our lives to be a blessing to our family and friends.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 121:1

STORY: “Abigail’s Dilemma”

Abigail was sitting in the room all alone looking like the bride she has always wanted to be. Her heart was racing, her palms were sweaty, and her mind flooded with everything that could possibly go wrong. Glancing in the silver mirror at her beauty as she sits in her wedding gown. Abigail tells herself, “You only have one time to do this and you only find love once in a lifetime” as she stairs out the window to her right and sees all of the beautiful wedding decor laid out just for her. All of a sudden she began to realize she forgot her “something blue”, not only can she not grip her bouquet of wrong roses just right but now her “something blue” was now turning into her reality. Her heart began to grow weary. Here it is the biggest milestone of a young woman’s life and she can’t seem to pull it all together. She knows she loves Jeff with all of her heart and with all of who God has created her to be but she just seems stuck.

 There’s a light and faint knock at the door. Abigail turns away from her reflection in the silver mirror and heads towards the white double doors. Her parents arranged this hotel suite just for her to marry the man of her dreams. Abigail with her sweet voice “Who is it?” “It’s your grandmother deary, please open up”. Abigail, hides herself behind the door but slightly peeks her head out of the door to make sure no one else has come to see the bride before her grand entrance, as she blows the hair from her face. As her grandmother deary enters the room Abigail closes the one door behind her. Her heart now full of so much joy and excitement to see her grandmother deary. She turns around to give her a hug, facing the silver mirror, as the reflection of the back of her grandmother deary’s blue dress is in the mirror. She notices the blue and began to weep in her grandmother deary’s arms. 

“There, there my sweet great grand child, grandma deary is here. You are getting all worked up again. Did you take your anxiety pill this morning?” Abigail nods and says to her, “Yes ma’am but it doesn’t seem like enough”. Grandma deary with her eighty-five year old frail self pulls out a small hand held bible from her purse. She asks Abigail to sit on the bench facing the silver mirror as she sits to the right of her. Grandma deary speaks looking out the window, O’ my look at that. All of that is for you and Jeff, Abigail? “Yes Ma’am”. “My dear, that is beyond lovely,” as she grabs Abigail’s hands. “Abigail, your palms are clammy, turn to Psalms 121:1 and read it out loud”. “Talk to God my great grand, talk to God and let’s begin to tell Him all about your troubles. We have twenty minutes before you are to head out. You have plenty of time to talk to God”. Abigail flips and finds the scripture. She begins to read and as she reads she does exactly like her grandmother deary taught her. She read a verse and then told God how it made her feel within. She begins, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help”. Abigail pauses and begins to speak to God as she looks at herself in the silver mirror hanging on the wall as a part of her vanity. “Heavenly Father, today is not the best of mornings for me. Here it is my wedding day and I’m not prepared at all. I am missing my “something blue”, my maid of honor’s flight has been delayed several times, the roses that I ordered are a different color than I expected, and my hair will not stay pinned up for the life of me. Everything is going wrong for me and I don’t know what to do other than look to the hills and turn to You. Please take this anxiety that I feel within away from me. Help me to be the woman you have called me to be for Jeff. Thank you for grandma deary as you knew exactly who would put a smile on my face and help me through this. Please bless my family and friends and please bless Jeff and I as we embark upon this journey. Amen”.
Full of relief, she turns slightly towards her grandma deary and says, “Grandma deary, I have an idea”. Nervous at her great grands level of excitement but happy for her she says, “What is it my dear?” “I know this is outside of the tradition and I know this may even change the program just a tad but do you think that you could walk me down the isle and be my “something blue” and Dad escort Mom to her seat instead of you?” “I’d be delighted to do so Abigail”. Let me call your father up and have a talk with Him and let’s see how he feels about it”. Grandma deary exists the room. Abigail feeling so much better concerning her anxiety waits for the answer. A slight frail knock on the door as the orchestra begins to play outside. Abigail opens the door as grandma deary says with a smile, “The answer is yes, now take my hand and let’s go and get your man”. The sounds of giggles and laughter echoes the hotel halls as the music fades away. The double doors are both left wide open as the wedding begins.


Abigail is experiencing anxiety. This is such a big milestone for her but she forgot one thing to do before she embarked upon such a huge milestone. She forgot to simply include God in her milestone. She forgot to pause and sit down for a moment and just tell God how she feels. God turned it all around for her and even gave her an amazing idea. Her grandmother deary would be her “something blue” and walk her down the isle to get her husband in whom she loves. God is with us all. If we just read what His word says aloud He will give us whatever we may need if we simply talk to Him.

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