PRAYER: Lord thank you for giving us Nia (Purpose). You created us calling us out of darkness into your light. Let us embrace our Nia.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Peter 2:9

When God created you He had a plan for your life. He predestined everything to be before you were in your mother’s womb. He made sure to create you in His image making you flawless in His eyes. Your steps were ordered and He already knew the direction you would take. In celebrating Kwanzaa we have been going through each day with a theme and a meaning. Our Kwanzaa Days are as follows: Day 1: Umoja (Unity) Day 2: Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) Day 3: Ujima (Collective work and responsibility) Day 4: Ujamma (Cooperative Economics) and today is Day 5: Nia (Purpose).  

You were and still are chosen by God. When God created you He created you for a purpose and with a purpose in mind. It is so important that you take the time to think about your purpose here on the earth. Think about the lives you bless and impact on a daily basis whether at work, school, home, or church. Think about how you make a difference just in your mere existence. You matter and you have a purpose here in this life. So what if you don’t always get it right. You can’t cross every T and dot every I or you wouldn’t need God. So it’s important that you recognize as a child of God you are royalty. If you don’t know God simply get to know Him for yourself so that you can embrace the theme of Nia. You shouldn’t just embrace Nia during Kwanzaa but everyday of your life. Honor God with your gratitude that He has a calling and a purpose over your life. Embrace who you are in and through God and watch your Nia unfold.

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