PRAYER: Lord give us the gift of laughter and joy this holiday season. Place a HOLIDAY SMILE upon our faces as we share with others the gift of Christ.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Genesis 21:6

As you arise this morning, take a few minutes to thank of God’s goodness. Think about His mercy and His grace. He has been so good to us all when we least deserve it. As you continue on your way share the love of Christ with everyone you know. This holiday season there are so many with the holiday blues. You may have lost a loved one earlier this year. You may feel lonely this year. You may not be able to make it home for the holidays. Whatever it may be take a few minutes to not look at what you may not have but begin to thank God for what you do have. Although it isn’t the easiest thing to do at this time, you will recognize that when you begin to thank God for what you do have that your spirits will begin to lift. You will recognize that life is going to get better one day and one step at a time. Don’t walk around with your head hanging low. Instead find someone who maybe less fortunate than you and give them the gift of Christ. Share with someone you know your wonderful memories and all of the excitement that you have had every year prior to this year.

You will begin to see yourself creating new memories this holiday season. Do something different that you’ve never done before. You must be creative and wear your HOLIDAY SMILE. Then write down the experience or take several photos to remember the experience. Create a holiday portfolio with all of your wonderful memories from here on out. There is also church services in your local area. Don’t sit at home but fellowship with others. Map out your day in advance and make it fun and exciting. You must trust that God is with you and that He will work everything out for your good. So this holiday season put a HOLIDAY SMILE on your face and let the love of Christ come forth. I hope you take the time this season to begin to thank God for all of the wonderful blessings that you do have. In the end you will see your HOLIDAY SMILE! 

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