PRAYER: Lord You have blessed us to see another glorious day. Allow us to appreciate each day that we have here on this earth with You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 23:6

LIFE IS GOOD! It doesn’t matter how off kilter your day may begin or even end. Your LIFE IS GOOD. Your life could have been hit by a tornado but although your world maybe a mess, still LIFE IS GOOD. LIFE IS GOOD because you are still standing in the mist of it all. Through the pressure, through the pain, through the worries, and through your fears, LIFE IS GOOD! You may feel down or saddened but you are here to experience the beauty of life one more time. So be encouraged and change your mindset on how you look at your life. Know that God has created you and breathed life into you. Know that God loves you and that truly LIFE IS GOOD.

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